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French Polynesia

Tahiti's 118 islands are scattered across 5 far-flung archipelagos, each with their own particular character and an incentive itinerary will combine the perfect blend of ambience, culture, and activities. 

The choices for an incentive program in Tahiti are as infinite as the colors of the islands, each choosing themes from the exotic and dramatic islands, rich and fascinating history, and music and dance oriented culture, the exotic and dramatic island landscapes, the rich and fascinating history, and the taste of Tahiti featuring local cuisine.

Include a Tahitian theme-night extravaganza showcasing the powerful and passionate music and dance from either small groups or 40-person troops of highly-trained performers. Topped off by a feast of the islands bounty. Or take your participants on the Famous "Motu" Picnic' on their own private island.  Picnic on a private island ""Motu"" where tables are set among the coconut trees and even in the warm, shallow water. Enjoy traditional music while participants spend the afternoon snorkeling, playing beach games, or just relaxing on their own tiny island.

There are plenty of other options available for South Pacific themed events including Robinson Cruisoe where you can rent out your own island and be transported to a world of music, food, and adventure.  Celebrate the musical "South Pacific" and bring to life the era of this famous musical with a night of dancing under the stars.  If a beach party cookout is more your program style, have your participants arrive at their beach venue in a regatta of outrigger canoes and be entertained by fire dancers, coconut tree climbers, and engaging artisans while their dinner of traditional dishes is cooked before their eyes.

A specially designed show featuring acrobatic dolphins accompanied by music is available for groups of up to 60 people and twelve members of the group can even enter the water for interaction with the dolphins and trainers.

How about including diving for pearls as a group activity?  Enjoy a group snorkeling adventure in the shallow waters where participants can dive down to recover Tahitian pearls hidden along the sand bottom. This event can be created either as a lunch activity or as an inter-group competition on the resort beaches or on a private island.

A sailing regatta is a must on a fully-catered private yacht or catamaran charter where participants can enjoy half-or full-day sails in the lagoons. Top off the event enjoying the sunset onboard while accompanied by local musicians and dancers.

There is an unlimited variety of locations on private beaches or islands for unique and fun games and tournaments.  "Treasure Hunts" with a corporate theme can feature clues hidden around the islands.  Participants can even undertake a road rally "South Pacific style" using trucks, cars, outrigger canoes or even jetskis.

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